Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lingonberry Cupcakes

A good friend of mine celebrated her birthday a week ago. In the spirit of celebration and my love of cooking, I decided to make her some cupcakes. I found this recipe for "Hidden Surprise Valentine Cupcakes" at the blog "Greg's Kitchen." Since I know she was a fan of the Elvis cupcake from Dozen Bake Shop, which has a chocolate ganache surprise in the center, I thought she might like these. However, I wanted to add my own twist to the recipe, and I had recently bought some lingonberry preserves from IKEA. So, I decided to substitute the lingonberry preserves in place of the strawberry jam. I'm also not a fan of making my own frosting since the store-bought stuff is usually just as good, so I just bought some cream cheese frosting and whipped it together with some lingonberry preserves to make lingonberry frosting too!

Since the lingonberry preserves were a bit chunky, being preserves and not jam, I processed the preserves in my mini-chopper to get a smoother consistency.

 Here's what the cupcakes looked like pre-frosting. You can see the hidden jam surprise. Note: I didn't tell my friend there was a surprise filling when I gave them to her and she loved it.

And finally, the finished product. Ready for delivery to the birthday girl and for consumption :)

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