Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tofu Pad Thai

Since I'm a vegetarian and my roommate/boyfriend is not, dinners can be something of a challenge. Normally he will not eat tofu and dislikes it's texture/taste, but for some reason he cannot get enough of tofu pad thai. One of my favorite cookbooks is "How to Cook Everything: Vegetarian" by Mark Bittman, and it was in this cookbook that I found a magical recipe for tofu pad thai that my meat-eating significant other loves. I couldn't find a link to the recipe online, but I did find a link to Mark Bittman's non-vegetarian version here, where he lists the vegetarian version options at the bottom. For me, I like to switch up the kind of hot peppers I use in the recipe depending on what looks good at the grocery store that week. In the pan below, I used jalapeƱos, but in the past I have enjoyed using serranos. I also had some trouble finding pure tamarind paste at the store, so I just bought some "pad thai sauce" that had tamarind as the first ingredient listed. 

I took a picture of the pad thai all plated up and used some sweet photoshop skills to make the photo look all vintage and such.

I decided to pair this delectable dish with a nice vinho verde I found as the local Wine & Spirits (I've been on a quest to find a good on in stores since I tried a delicious on at a restaurant on my birthday last year).

And finally, I finished off the night with a vodka gimlet in my newly purchase vintage cocktail glass. Just 1.5 oz of Absolut, 1/2 tbsp Rose's Lime, stirred with a couple ice cubes and a lime wedge to garnish.

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