Monday, January 25, 2016

Trying out my Nomiku: Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin!

Ever since I read THIS article, in which Hervé This convinced me that the only way to properly cook a hard boiled egg is at 65°C, I have been trying to find an affordable immersion circulator to maintain temperatures in water over long periods of time. I used to work in a lab, so I initially started my search looking at lab equipment. I look into buying heated stirring plates and water baths, but they mostly made the $400 price tag of a Sous Vide Supreme look cheap. A few months ago, a friend told me about this Kickstarter project for the Nomiku. Now, it isn't a cheap option by any means, but it's $199 price tag is somewhat easier to swallow than the other options on the market. I gave in and bought one because it was the cheapest option I'd seen, and I'd been looking for years. I finally gave it a test run this weekend!

My first foray into sous vide cooking was making a pork tenderloin. The thing I like about the Nomiku, besides it's lower price, is that it will turn any pot into an immersion circulator. I used my 8 quart steel pot for this meal.

I had a pork tenderloin on hand from a local pork CSA (40 lbs of pork! worth every penny!) that I had signed up for. I cut the tenderloin in half and seasoned it. For seasoning, I decided to try the free sample of Ruth Ann Muskego Ave seasoning blend that I got from a recent Penzey's order. It's a blend of salt, pepper, garlic, lemon peel and onion. I also threw a pad of butter onto each half of the loin and vacuum sealed the whole shebang. 
I opted to set my Nomiku to 136°F. I was aiming for maintaining a temperature of 135°F, but didn't want it to go below that, so I set it one degree higher. I let it cook for 2 hours, then pan seared it in bacon fat (because, yeah, pork CSA also had bacon in it). I cheated with the side dish and served it with some Bird's Eye SteamFresh California Style Protein Blend. 
Verdict: The pork was super moist and delicious! Big thumbs up to the Nomiku! No buyer's remorse from this gal :)


  1. Looks appetizing..but let me get this cooked immersed in circulaing water inside the bag..flavored til done?Does the gizmo circulate the water too? I'm thinking it could double for a hot tub!

  2. The Nomiku does circulate the water, but I don't know that the motor is powerful enough for a hot tub. Maybe if the hot tub was for a guinea pig ;)

  3. Hi Cassandra! This is Patrick from Nomiku--so glad to hear that you enjoyed your Nomiku experience :) That pork looks yummy!

    And yes, unfortunately, Nomiku is only good for food hot tubs, but maybe we'll come out with a human-sized version later on ;)