Saturday, February 27, 2016

Book Review: The School of Essential Ingredients a.k.a. My Blind Date with A Book

The moment I stumbled upon the notion of going on a blind date with a book, I knew I wanted to make it happen. Full disclosure: I am on the programming committee for a local library, so there was a reasonable chance I could achieve this goal. Obviously, given the title of this post, you can deduce that I did indeed achieve my goal; it wasn't a hard sell.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bar Review: The Lockhart

Three things happened: 
  1. I read about a Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto on the internet.
  2. My best friend had a birthday in the middle of winter.
  3. JetBlue had a killer winter sale on flights.
These three things happening led to me visiting Toronto to go to "The Lockhart" in the middle of January. I suppose a fourth thing happened, and that is there was a freak "heatwave" the weekend of my trip, and we got enjoy spring-like weather despite being well north of the equator in winter. Find my thoughts and some pics after the page break!

Recipe: Sort-of-African Peanut Stew

I don't remember how the discussion got started, but at some point, my supervisor started telling me about her favorite soup. She had me at "peanut soup", but then said it had sweet potato and coconut milk in it and all these yummy things! I immediately demanded the recipe, and she kindly provided it. The original recipe can be found HERE. It originally used turkey, but other than that, my recipe follows basically the same proportions for everything else. I substituted pork in my recipe because I had some delicious ground pork from the local pork CSA I had bought a couple months ago. Find the recipe after the page break!